Thursday, April 23, 2009

The golden present

The golden present. A great way to describe each moment in our life when we are fully present and savoring every thing that life brings our way - focused in the here and now. Those beautiful unexpected gifts in life are normally merely glimmers of gold that come on us when we are least expecting them and then pass us by so quickly that many of us miss them. Like a beautiful sunset or sunrise that can take your breath away but they last only moments - brief glimses of gold, pure majesty. That's why it is our challenge in life to be completely present in those moments and to cherish them for what they are - a golden present from the universe.

Not nearly as spectacular as the sunset this morning, but still a beautiful gift, I was handed one of those golden moments from the owners of the newly relaunched Z Ocean Hotel in South Beach Miami. They held a party complete with signature blue drinks on a blue carpet (to match their new logo colors), passed around Oprah's favorite grilled cheese sandwiches in the world and fried olives from Table 8 restaurant, peppered in amongst the tomato bisque served in shot glasses and Zushi Flirt rolls. And to top it all off they invited the Bacon Brothers band to help liven up the night with their energy and music. How fun!

What a wonderful gift, one of those golden moments that we need to be fully present to appreciate. Below you can see just a glimse of the brilliance in video and photo. Thank you LGD Communications and Z Ocean Hotel for your many gifts. I feel truly blessed.

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